This is a new system and we know sometimes mistakes are made.
We encourage you to get in touch with MULS executives if there are any issues.
Before that though, check these FAQ's to see if they answer your question.

MULS Membership is the platform the Macquarie University Law Society uses to keep track of membership.
This platform allows all individuals to join MULS by registering and making their membership payment.
MULS does not have an membership criteria and actively welcomes anyone who has an interest in the society.
When creating your account be sure to let us know which type of member best describes you so we can tailor your society experience best to you.
Law Students of Macquarie University would be classified as Ordinary Members.
Non-Law Students of Macquarie University would be classified as Associate Members.
Everyone else can register as a Friend of MULS, which is free but has limited access to MULS events.
Joining MULS simply requires you to sign up via the MULS Membership.
Click Here to begin the registration process.
Both Ordinary and Associate Members must make a membership payment of $5.
You will not be considered a member of MULS until your membership payment has been made.
Friends of MULS need only sign up and not make any payment.
You can make an online payment via PayPal or with cash via a MULS Executive.
PayPal payments incur a surcharge.
If you have previously entered you details but not made a payment then you simply need to login with your details to make your payment.
Paying with cash means our executives have to manually input you into the system. This may take a while so we ask that you give us up to 5 business days to authenticate your payment.
If it's been over that time then get in touch and our executives will try and help you ASAP.
Please have any and all transaction information available for us to check.
Such an issue could be indicative of many factors and you should get in touch with the executive ASAP.
Please have any and all transaction information available for us to check.
You are emailed a copy of your transaction upon completion of your payment (the email may be in your SPAM folder).
You will also find a copy by logging into MULS Membership.
The executive team is always there to help. You can get in touch with any member of the team via email.
A list of executives can be found here.
Or email MULS Membership at mulsmembership@muls.org.